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Vidal’s Literary Lens: “The Missing Recipe for the Family”

Ndaba Sibanda poem, “The Missing Recipe for the Family”, gives a create point of view of a successful father, but his children is deterrent and distant. The father, Mr. Mhlobo, is a great business strategist and manager. He was able to make an optimal team in short notice, and made them all a great addition. His philosophy, “our collective dynamism comes from our individual differences”.

The mood changes as we follow Mr. Mhlobo to his home life. His adolescent children seemed as if they were lost. They didn’t feel their parents were supportive. Mr. Mhlobo questions his parenting. They have been drinking and misbehaving at school. He couldn’t figure out the people that lived with him. There are several encounters where he tries to talk to them, but it becomes confrontational. It becomes a spiral of arguments and cool downs without any progress.

This happens often for households, and it will be important to stop and listen to your children. The critical difference in the structure of Mr. Mhlobo job and home is that employees are inclined to do what you want because of wages. It would be wasteful for Mr. Mhlobo to use a strategy similar to his job. His circumstances and motivations captures the adult struggling with their teenager.

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