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Vidal’s Literary Lens: “Sex before Friends”

Tray Vidal poem, “Sex before Friends”, opens in a Starbucks with a girl named ‘Bianca’ that the unnamed main character has never met in person, but he hears about her. She has a giving personality, and she is a morning person. After seeing her for the second time downtown at night, he decides to talk her. It was a public place, so it wasn’t so awkward. Nevertheless, he wanted to have sex with her, and that’s what happened. They decide to meet the next day, so they can get to know one another. Their vulnerability from sex made Bianca able to talk deeply about herself.

Conflict ensues as their values and opinions are discussed. He wants her to be accountable for the actions she told him about. She says that he’s being misogynist for his judgement. He speaks to his lover, Bianca, about what he wants from her before he can love. He recognizes their differences, disabling the lust for each other that they had the night before. Their departure from each other was imminent and logical. There was no history or ties to their lust. No love was presented other than physical pleasure. Their needs were met, and sex was the catalyst for their one interaction. He ends with questioning Bianca on why she keeps doing what she’s doing after their one night stand. This proves that their first squabble wasn’t the end, and that he becomes bothered by her attempts for his love.

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