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Vidal’s Literary Lens: “Process of Loss; Grandma”

Karyne Farrell poem, “Process of Loss; Grandma”, gives rhythmic timeline of the death of an elder. It marks the end of their life in the hospital and constant conversations with their doctors. The mood is somber, her lines are short, and filled with ebonics. You feel the emotions of a granddaughter with her grandmother in her last days.

Nov. 20

The granddaughter fears her grandmother’s death. She cries knowing that the person that was always with her and kept her calm will be gone soon. Her grandmother taught her many things about family and religion, which is the base of most people’s lives.

Nov. 25

Grandma continues to be in pain as she is the hospital bed. The doctor has came and told the granddaughter’s mother the news. The granddaughter begins to plead with God to not take her grandmother. She gives a normal response watching your love one die in the hospital. Maybe a miracle can come about that would support their prayers.

Nov. 29

The grandmother dies and she is grieving. She knows that she is with God, and accept that her grandmother is eternally happy. Nevertheless, she grieves the time and love that the grandmother won’t be able to give her or her future children. She alludes her grandmother as an angel that continues to keep watch, and that keeps her peaceful knowing she’s at peace in heaven.

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