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Vidal’s Literary Lens: “First Fruit”

Banqoboile Virginia Dakamela poem, “First Fruit”, creatively explains the youth of a woman’s first child. The mother mobilizes the child before he is born. He moves around her, symbolizing a boy rambunctious nature. It was an exciting and successful birth. The incredible feat by a woman completely shadows her struggle and embarrassment to complete the birth. She jokes about herself, but it’s for a bigger purpose.

Her womanhood confronts the addition of motherhood, but she continues to be confident. As her son grows, she cherish the moments when he has new experiences, whether they are enlightening or grimacing. This is an important moment in a child’s life. They are experiencing life by looking at their parents and the small societal organizations and institutions.

Her son has grown into a teenager. She implies he has a girlfriend and a unique hairstyle- she doesn’t like either. He changes his goals as he grows and experiences new things. She ends with the name her son calls her. The young child who had his first day of school and experienced church that once called her “mommy” is no more. The teenager that has a girlfriend and molds his own future now calls her “mama”. 

Read “First Fruit” in Me and You Living Life Until Our Last Breath…

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