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Vidal’s Literary Lens: “Climax”

In Sehloho Piet Rampai poem, “Climax”, the heart is the center of love, and the climax is the zenith. It’s almost as if no other organ can make the lovers feel that way. Love isn’t forever in this world, and the climax will only be here when our world is here. Rampai transitions to the sun no longer shining and the moon changing to a red hue. Love shows no end until the world folds first.

Rampai shrinks the world to roses and lilies dying, and it gives the poem a softer tone. He calls for the lovers to cling to each other before the beauty of their world end. The climax becomes about the love for your lover, and that love strikes peace in a fading world.

There’s a switch to a more human perspective towards the end. Alluding to not the ending life of the singer and poet, but the end of their passion. Nevertheless, they still should hold on to their climax. Their climax becomes more personal, and it leads the reader to speculation.

Read “Climax” in Me and You Living Life Until Our Last Breath…

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