Publishing Contract

Court 323 Publishing LLC Publishing Contract

In this contract that binds published content between Court 323 Publishing LLC and you the author, Court 323 Publishing LLC will be known as “Court 323” and the author will be known as “Author”

  • Rights to Publish: Court 323 has the right to publish media for nonprofit if the media was received by our acquisition methods. Court 323 must receive permission to publish for profit, or if Author publishes the media themselves.
  • Copyright: The copyright of all published media by Author belongs jointly to Court 323 and Author. Both have the right to approve and disapprove the rights to media distribution.
  • Length of Contract: The contract is in effect for 10 years for all published media by Author on Court 323, if the media is for profit. If the published media is nonprofit, then Author has the right to end the contract that includes their media.
  • Media: The media that Court 323 acquire must fit our standards of publishing or it won’t be published. Court 323 has full right to choose which media it decides to publish.
    • Literature
    • Art
    • Photography
    • Music
    • Essays
    • Articles
  • Promotional Media: Promotional Media must fit Court 323 standards before promotion for profit or nonprofit. Court 323 has full right to choose which promotional media it decides to publish.
  • For Profit Media: All for Profit Media must be approved by Author before it is published. Court 323 has full right to choose which for profit media it decides to publish. Royalties will be paid.
  • Author Responsibility: All media that is acquired by Court 323 must be the property of the media before sending. Court 323 holds no responsibility for any misdeeds and mistakes that Author has done. If there is a reputable case, published media will be removed and Author will be removed, blocked, or sued.
  • Payout Methods: To pay royalties to Author, Author must input their bank account information for direct deposit. If there is no reputable bank information on file, then payments will be withheld until a reputable payout method is file. Payout will be delivered upon request or Quarter Annually.
  • Affiliate Program: The affiliate program is for publishers to gain free reach to their publication from the assistance of University Media.
    • Print Publications: External Products
    • Digital Publications: Nonprofit
  • Royalties for featured contributors: A percentage of profits will be delivered to Author from Court 323 from the payout methods provided (Minus Transfer fees)
    • Print Publications: 55% of Profit
    • Digital Publications: 70% of Profit
    • Merchandise: 50% of Profit
    • Vendor: 80% of all products
    • Vendor Pro: 90% of all products
  • Tax Forms: Author must submit a W9 Tax Form before receiving royalties. The IRS states that if a company “Court 323” pays at least $10 in royalties, then a 1099-MISC must be reported to them and you for tax purposes. Court 323 keeps record of transactions. You can request them at any time for any purpose.
  • Integrity of Contract: Author must abide by this contract if they wish to have the media published. If Author doesn’t, then legal matters will follow.

As an author who publishes under Court 323 Publishing LLC, University Media, and SlumpNation Radio, you are subject to this Publishing Contract.