The Erlking


Author: AD Locke | Title: The Erlking | University Media Quarterly: Issue 1. | September, 2018. | University Media



“Beyond the great sylph city of Labeeros there lies the forest of Raskogr. The Erlking is the great monarch of them all, and his domain spreads from the ruins of the old castle to the edge of the dense wildwood. His power is reputed to be so immense that if one were to glimpse into the depths of his gold-dusted violet eyes, they would be rendered mute and dumb. Some say he is as tall as the redwood and others say his clothes are made from the flesh of young maidens who have explored a little too far. There are even whispers of a great battle between the Elowen and the Erlking. The Elowen is usually a peaceful creature until you look them in the eye. When one seeks their bright eyes, they are usually torn limb from limb instantly. The Erlking always seeks dominance. His eyes sought out the red gaze of the Elowen and it did not stand a chance. He cowered in the face of the Erlking, and he had two choices: serve him or cease to exist. It is rumored that the Elowen is now the general of the Erlking’s vast army. Of course, the villagers are always looking for new ways to portray the Erlking, but no one really knows what he looks like or if he even has a name. However, there is one particular peasant who has a secret. Margaux, with hair the color of flame and smoke and eyes that permeate your spirit, knows something that no one else does: his exact location.”


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