Sun Breeze Hotel: The Red Room Experiment


Author: Tray Vidal | Title: Sun Breeze Hotel: The Red Room Experiment | University Media Quarterly: Issue 1. | September, 2018. | University Media



“‘Good Morning! Welcome to the Red Room Experiment. We will be testing your tolerance for singularity. Do you have any questions?’

The voice wakens Axle to a red ceiling view. He rose to look away only to find himself underneath a Red comforter set. It was fake silk that was probably imported from China. Axle had access to the sales of fine silk from collaborating with an Arabian businessman that came to Paris for “business with the French” as he would say in a stressed French accent. Axle is originally from America, but he had outsourced to the French on similar terms as the Arabian businessman. He constructed a small business with Arabian businessman for ten months until they were able to get manager to take over regular store operations.”


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