Sun Breeze Hotel: The Conspirators


Author: Tray Vidal | Title: Sun Breeze Hotel: The Conspirators | University Media Quarterly: Issue 2. | December, 2018. | University Media



5AM Sun Breeze Hotel
The key inserted into the lock, turned left. The heavy fifteen foot door opened to a bright light, flashing on the grassy lawn of the hotel. The door closed.
“Here’s your coffee Mr. Johnson.”
“Thanks. Tell my associates to meet on the 51st floor in thirty minutes.”
“Yes sir.”
Person after person entered a room with a table that stretched through the entirety of the small room. A dry-erase board was bolted on the wall. Five padded rolling chairs was on each side of the table, and there was one chair on the end. Every chair was filled; Mr. Johnson taking the seat at the end fit for a boss of a top secret operation. A group of conspirators they are. Their meetings are usually scheduled at
least three weeks in advanced; however, this was planned exactly thirty minutes ago.


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