Stability vs. Change


Author: Derrick Floyd | Title: Stability vs. Change | Excerpt of A Brief Thought of the 21st Century: Vol. 1. | April, 2019. | University Media



“The debate of stability vs. change is a lop-sided conversation. Change is inevitable; a situation that is unavoidable. Our environment impacts our lives in its own way, influencing change. Overcoming something such as an addiction is change. How stable is your personality? There’s something about all of us that has changed over time. This topic is important to us as human beings because it’s something we cannot escape. There are times of change and there are times of stability throughout everyone’s life. The moral of this debate is, which is more dominant; I think that’s pretty easy to see. What does stability vs. change deal with? It deals with whether or not personality traits are present during infancy and endure throughout the lifespan.”


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