Mind Trump Matters: Mine Trump Matters


Author: Harold W. Moses | Title: Mind Trump Matter: Mine Trump Matters | Excerpt of A Brief Thought of the 21st Century: Vol. 1. | April, 2019. | University Media



“Claiming that Aristotle’s metaphysical argument about motion resolves Zeno’s ancient motion problem(1), literally stopping it dead in its tracks, noted philosopher Reginald Allen advances the argument that, from a metaphysical standpoint, philosophy is finally beginning to appreciate what the Physics has brought to bear on our current understanding of the contrasting relations(2) between ancient mathematics and science and modern mathematics and science(3) but that there’s still much hard work to be done. I concur with Allen. There’s still so much to be known–and said–these days about physical explanations of motion(4), especially in the realm of the American presidency. Anomalies that defy the laws of physics and that only the arcane can explain.”


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