Me and You Living Life Until Our Last Breath…


University Media Journal Issue 5

CaTyra Polland, Love For Words (Editor)
Rashmila Maiti (Editor)
Christina Cutting (Editor)
Konstantin Nebeshkov (Editor)
Sidney McCoy (Cover Art Designer)
Farhan Igbal (Interior Designer)


Hello, thank you for purchasing University Media Journal’s fifth issue. This issue took ten months to produce, and it is our first international issue thanks to our poets in Africa. We are incredibly proud to enter the relationships of Black people. When we speak of relationships, we are referring to romantic, friendly, familial, and everything in between. The narrative of Black relationships tends to be shown through a filtered lens. One which revolves around slander, teenage pregnancy, violence, and deceit. We see it every day in media channels. We see it in the videos that we share. We see it on the news and hear it on the radio. As a writer and publisher, my goal is to break down those stereotypical walls and show the truth through our own words. It is never appropriate to say that there are no faults of our own, far from. However, we are ordinary people with ordinary emotions, and we shouldn’t be judged based on our past, media portrayals, or a pretense bias. Black relationships, like many other relationships, continue to change based on age and circumstances. Responsibilities come about, and we grow to handle those responsibilities. Those whom we love, leave us to continue to live because they cannot grow. We live to love the world and our purpose on this planet. We make mistakes and remember who supported us when we were rejected. We become strong enough to keep our personal life stable, even if it is just for a moment.

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