Lock ‘Em Up – American Prison System I AM


Author: Adrian Miller | Title: Lock “Em Up: American Prison System I AM | Excerpt of A Brief Thought of the 21st Century: Vol. 1. | April, 2019. | University Media



“The Chain Game

The United States is by far, the world leader in prison facilities and prisoners. The mass incarceration movement that is ravishing our country began in the 1970s. Since the 1970s America has experienced an increase in prison populations, which most refer to as a “prison boom” (Sociation Today). In 1970, the number of prisoners in U.S. county and state jails and prisons was 280,000 (CorrectionsProject.com). Estimates by the Sentencing Project forecasted that number to be 2.4 million by Dec. 31, 2013. We will examine the “real” cost of our economic, social, political, and industrial systems in relation to our overly imprisoned nation and present the case why our current penal/prison system needs to be reformed.”


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