Cold Weather In Milwaukee


Author: Derrick Floyd | Title: Cold Weather In Milwaukee | University Media Quarterly: Issue 2. | December, 2018. | University Media



“I returned to my home state of Iowa from a case that required me to travel out of the country. I was over in Barcelona Spain with my partner Ty. Took about five months there to crack the case of the murder spree which took place in Florida. The criminal was good. Good at killing and hiding the evidence, but not as good at hiding himself. About forty people lost their lives in Florida at the hands of one man, and they all turned out to be his co-workers at a Wal-Mart. He’d had it with his unrealistic schedule changes, prejudice, favoritism, no benefits, he felt that his peers were secretly getting paid more, so he put on a mask one night hashed out. He had it all thought out. He knew everyone’s work schedule, daily routine, and during a secret Santa one year, he was able to acquire everyone’s mailing and home address. He took all that information and plotted his spree in a journal. According to the guy’s mom, at a young age he was very fond of torturing cats. I would have loved to ask the manager why he hired the guy but he’s dead. Once he finished the job by killing everyone a person at a time, his plane ticket to Spain was already printed off. We found bodies a mile away from the Wal-Mart and we found bodies in gas station restroom stalls, down to the comfort of one’s own home. The guy was ruthless. A bit weird also, every single body found had that Wal-Mart symbol branded onto their left chest plate and a bigger one carved on their backs. And to think he did this in the course of twenty-four hours. That sinister Sylvester.”


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