Chapter 21


Author: Jake Cumper | Title: Chapter 21 | University Media Quarterly: Issue 1. | September, 2018. | University Media



“12:00 A.M. The house was silent. A half-eaten sheet cake was melting on the table; creamy blue and white frosting dripped and pooled around the misshapen letters of one and two. Gift bags and wrapping paper were folded neatly next to singing cards and glossy clam-shell packages. Several party hats were delicately picked apart by idle hands until all that remained was a little pile of card paper confetti. The family car was gone to drop off distant relatives back to their homes on the other side of the state, leaving my childhood home completely to myself. Nine bottles were neatly arranged in a line on the kitchen counter from the fattest jug of Bailey’s Irish Cream to the slender-necked bottle of Heinz cooking sherry.”


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